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Our next meeting:

June 7, 2018 Service Day. We will be reorganizing the Family History Files at the Pennsylvania Room. These are hanging files for surnames, with collective letter files (A, B, etc.) for unsorted names. We will create files with alphabet ranges like (Aa-Aq, Ar-Az) and move the individual names to the correct folders. These letter files will also be sorted, and an index made of which surnames are represented in these files. Arrive after 6:30, work as long as you wish, ending by 8:30 at the latest. Note the location in Bellefonte!

The Index to the CCGS Cemetery Series is now online and free to the public!

Members, we have the last 10 years of Roots newsletters along with additional information from programs and newsletter articles available in our Members-Only section of the website.

Members, the Society welcomes contributions for the newsletter from our members: interesting historic newspaper items, articles about families, summaries of research finds, etc. Please contact our newsletter editor, Bob Wilkins, if you have something you would like to submit.

State College LDS Family History Center is now OPEN

The FHC on Whitehall Road in State College is now open with limited hours. Official hours are Tuesday mornings from 10 am to noon and Wednesday evenings from  5pm to 8:30. If you wish to make an appointment to come at another time, please contact Martha Taylor.

Microfilms already in our possession are available to view. Premium websites, such as Ancestry.com, and restricted digitized records are now accessible.

Important Announcement about Discontinued Microfilm Distribution at LDS Family History Center

The announcement Family History Microfilm Discontinuation is from FamilySearch.org (You may also want to read Dick Eastman’s blog post and the comments about this, at FamilySearch to Discontinue its Microfilm Distribution Services).

Microfilms can no longer be ordered.  However, the State College Family History Center is retaining all films currently in our possession.

The remaining master films (stored in Utah) should all be digitized by the end of 2020, with many of the remaining films digitized sooner than that. The timing of this decision to end distribution prior to 2020 seems to be related to the availability of unexposed (‘blank’) microfilm to make new distribution copies from the master films.

Note that many of the microfilms that you used to order for viewing at the FHC have already been digitized and can be viewed (‘browsed’) online either at home or at the FHC. Mary Roddy’s webinar (our March program) gave some excellent pointers about how to locate and use these online images. You can also consult the FamilySearch page Finding Digital Images of Records…. Please ask Richard Wade or other members if you need some assistance in finding what’s available. Some images are restricted by agreement with the custodians of the records, and can be viewed only at an FHC.