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Please remember: As of October 21, 2018, dues are increased, to $20 with PDF newsletter emailed to you, or $25 with printed newsletter by post.  Look on the Membership Information page for new membership forms.The 2018 userid and password have been disabled. To keep your access, renew now!

Our Next Event:

April 4, 2019 “Putting the Story in Family History” After a short business meeting to elect new Officers, we will hear short tales from three members: stories are the leaves that go on the branches of your family tree. (Your future contributions, orally or for the newsletter are welcome! Let us know by email to one of the Officers — see “Contact Us”).

Coming Up…

May 2, 2019 and Beyond: Are you interested in sharing your knowledge or stories or successes and puzzles with us? Do you have topics that you would like to learn more about? Can you pitch in to help the Program Committee? Future programs won’t happen without input and help from members. Contact Richard Wade (vpresident@centrecountygenealogy.org)

Unless otherwise indicated, we will meet at 7:00 pm in the 2nd-floor Meeting Room at Foxdale Village, 500 East Marylyn Avenue, State College. Program meetings are open to the public.

Genealogy Class Rescheduled!

We had to cancel How to Climb Your Family Tree, planned for October 27, 2018, due to under-enrollment.  We are happy to offer this class again on Saturday, May 4, 2019, at Foxdale Village in State College. This is an “all-day” introductory/ refresher course, taught be several experienced local genealogists. Stay tuned for details, or send an email inquiry to education@centrecountygenealogy.org for further information.

Society News…

The handout for our March 7, 2019, presentation on “I have My DNA Results, Now What?”, by guest speaker Kelli Bergheimer, is now available as a PDF file in the Members Only section. This is a longer version (in color) of the printed version passed out at the program.

Also, the Winter 2019 edition of our newsletter Roots (Vol.44 No.1) is now available as a PDF file in the Members Only section.  Note that this version features color on the front page, unlike the printed copy that was mailed to members.

At the March 9 meeting on DNA Results, there was some interest in forming a Special Interest Group to continue discussions and problem-solving around the topic of DNA for genealogy.  If you are interested in joining such a group, please send email to Richard Wade at vpresident@centrecountygenealogy.org. It is expected that this DNA-SIG would largely be self-governing, choosing when and how often to meet and where, and setting its own agenda, but coordinating meeting announcements, etc., with the parent Society. A minimum of about six active members is likely necessary to sustain such a group.

The 2018 userid and password for the Members Only section of the CCGS website have now been deactivated. Members who joined or renewed for 2019 should have received the new userid and password from our Membership Secretary.

The Executive Committee (Officers and Chairs of committees) meets several times a year, usually on a Thursday evening toward the end of the month, in a room adjacent to the Family History Center at the LDS Church on Whitehall Road in State College. Our next two meetings will begin at 6:30 pm on February 28 and on March 21. Members are welcome to attend, to see what goes on “behind the scenes.” Indeed, we are looking for people who would consider becoming At-Large Members of the Executive Committee. Please let Ellen Copper and Richard Wade know ahead of time if you plan to come.

We need a new Program Chair,and additional members of the Program Committee, to suggest program topics and help things run smoothly. For example, if you have facility with office software, you might be able to help by preparing fliers for the programs. If you are good at PR, you might help our outreach effort. Think how your talents can be used to benefit the Society!

We are gearing up to start transcribing church records that we photographed a while back. More distant members can help with this project. Please let Richard Wade (vpresident@centrecountygenealogy.org) know of your interest in helping!

The handout for our November 1, 2018, presentation on “Finding Females” is now available as a PDF file in the Members Only section.

The handout for our February 7, 2019, presentation on “Space, Time, and Relatives!” (using maps and other tools for family history) is now available as a PDF file in the Members Only section, with active links to the websites mentioned.

At the November 1, 2018, meeting, we amended the By-Laws, to shift the election of officers from October (with terms beginning in January) to April (with terms beginning in July).


CCGS now has a Privacy Policy. You can find it by clicking on the Membership Information tab at the top of this web page.

The Index to the CCGS Cemetery Series is now online and free to the public!

Members, we have the last 10 years of Roots newsletters along with additional information from programs and newsletter articles available in our Members-Only section of the website.

Members, the Society welcomes contributions for the newsletter from our members: interesting historic photos or newspaper items, articles about families, summaries of research finds, queries, etc. Please contact our newsletter editor, Bob Wilkins, if you have something you would like to submit.


State College Family History Center Hours

The FHC at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse on Whitehall Road in State College is open with limited hours. Official hours are Tuesday mornings from 10 am to noon (by appointment only) and Wednesday evenings from  5pm to 8:30. If you wish to make an appointment to come on Tuesday or at another time, please contact Martha Taylor.

Microfilms already in our possession are available to view. Premium websites, such as Ancestry.com, and restricted digitized records are now accessible.

Important Announcement about Discontinued Microfilm Distribution at State College Family History Center

The announcement Family History Microfilm Discontinuation is from FamilySearch.org (You may also want to read Dick Eastman’s blog post and the comments about this, at FamilySearch to Discontinue its Microfilm Distribution Services).

Microfilms can no longer be ordered.  However, the State College Family History Center is retaining all films currently in our possession.

The remaining master films (stored in Utah) should all be digitized by the end of 2020, with many of the remaining films digitized sooner than that. The timing of this decision to end distribution prior to 2020 seems to be related to the availability of unexposed (‘blank’) microfilm to make new distribution copies from the master films.

Note that many of the microfilms that you used to order for viewing at the FHC have already been digitized and can be viewed (‘browsed’) online either at home or at the FHC. Mary Roddy’s webinar (our March 2017 program) gave some excellent pointers about how to locate and use these online images. You can also consult the FamilySearch page Finding Digital Images of Records…. Please ask Richard Wade or other members if you need some assistance in finding what’s available. Some images are restricted by agreement with the custodians of the records, and can be viewed only at an FHC.