Bible Records Project

The Centre County Genealogical Society seeks out family bible records with a Centre County connection and makes them available online in an effort to share these invaluable genealogy resources. Those who are in possession of family bible records are encouraged to submit their records for inclusion on this website. Please contact CCGS President for further information.

All of the records listed below are PDFs which include a transcription as well as images of the actual bible pages.

Family Surnames Date Range
George and Margaret (Borland) Bell (386 KB) Borland, Bell, Goss, McKim, Goheen, Brown 1813-1922
Archibald and Margaret (McKim) Borland (706 KB) Borland, McKim, McCormick, Allen, MacBride, Bell, Reynolds 1768-1901
John and Catharine (Houser) Dale (897 KB) Dale, Houser, Harter, Bodle, Robinson, Seibert, Tressler, Grassmire, Behers, Hockman, Eminhizer, Coble, White 1828-1901
Thomas and Anna Margareta (Ilgen) Furst (749 KB) Furst, Ilgen, Kautz 1790-1836
James C. and Nannie (Campbell) Gilliland (885 KB) Gilliland, Campbell, Sankey, Gardner, Mitchell, Marshall, Love, Stein, Struble 1813-1925
Martin and (1)Elizabeth (Grove), (2)Catharine (Rumberger) Houser (915 KB) Houser, Grove, Rumberger, Ellenberger, Coble 1788-1865
John M. and Sarah (Turner) Morrison (877 KB) Morrison, Turner, Wilson, Rothgeb, Childers, Needham, Briggs, Ashby, Moore, Green 1793-1918
Frank B. and Catherine Helen (Ault) Pauly (1.27 MB) Pauly, Brittian, Anderson, Stewart, Parker, Yarbrough, Totten, Crummel, Roach, Hulse, Fitzsimmons, Buch, Mosford, Durst, McGrath, Lytle, Byam, Homer, Smith, Wilson, Coleman, Haywoord, Milliken, Donnelly, Unanrt(?), Armitage, Taylor, Baker, Truman 1866-1968