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Constitution and Bylaws of the Centre County Genealogical Society

Members Only – Clicking on the link to the left takes you to the area of the website that is accessible only to our members. It currently includes articles and past issues of our quarterly newsletter, Roots, from 2007 to the present. Members, you may contact Elaine Prestia, the Membership Secretary, who will email you a username and password to access Members Only. The username and password are changed yearly, in January. Please do not share the password with non-members as it is unfair to those who are current paying members.

Members, please keep your email and mailing address current so that you will continue to receive your newsletter and email notifications about upcoming events, publications, and other items of interest on a timely basis. Email Elaine Prestia with any changes to your contact information.

Notice: At the program meeting on November 1, 2018, the Membership amended the By-Laws to shift the dates of Officer Elections:

“In Article V, Section 5.1, and Article VII, Section 7.1, of the Constitution and By- Laws, all references to Officers being nominated and elected in October for terms to begin in January shall be amended to refer to nominations and elections in April for terms to begin in July.”

Notice: At a Members Meeting on Thursday, September 6, 2018, the Membership approved  the following two motions.

Motion A: Setting MEMBERSHIP Dues for CALENDAR YEAR 2019.”Annual membership dues for calendar year 2019 will be $20 for members electing to receive the newsletter by email as a PDF attachment, and $25 for members electing to receive a printed copy of the newsletter by postal mail.”

[Implementation note: Members paying at the $25 rate will also receive the PDF file by email. A valid email address must be provided for the PDF version in either case. CCGS will not mail printed copies of the newsletter to overseas addresses.

Members who prepaid 2019 dues in a prior year will be considered to have paid in full, but will be asked to confirm whether they wish printed copies. The new dues levels are effective as of October 21, 2018.]

Motion B: Setting the Quorum Size for Amendments and for Regular Business

Section 4.3 of the Constitution and By-Laws is amended to read:
“For the purpose of amending the Constitution or By-Laws under Article X, a quorum shall be composed of nine members in good standing. For regular business, including the Election of Officers under Article VII, a quorum shall be composed of five members in good standing. For regular business, if written notice of the purpose is given to the membership not less than two weeks prior to the meeting, a quorum will be composed of all members in good standing who are present and voting.”


Super Eights – Super Eights were started in 2007 as a variation of our surname file. Every year, a member may submit up to eight surnames of genealogical interest. We will then publish these surnames in an upcoming newsletter along with the corresponding membership numbers and name. Members of common interests may contact one another and share what they have. You may submit your eight surnames by emailing them to  Judy Ream Hazel, adding them to your membership form, or by sending them by mail to:
Super Eights
Centre County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1135
State College, PA 16804-1135

To become a Member, please click on the “Membership Information” tab at the top of the page.

Note: Beginning with 2019, new and renewing members must agree to the terms of the Society’s Privacy Policy, which describes what personal data we collect from you, how we use it, how you may correct or delete it, etc.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Centre County Genealogical Society