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  1. Beginning Research in Genealogy: a Manual. 37 pages, 1994. Ellen Copper. Hints on research for beginners. Includes 19 pages of charts to copy and use. $10.00 [$8.00 CCGS members]
  2. Brush Valley Names, “The Matricul,” or Birth and Baptism Register of Brush Valley Union Church, Rebersburg, PA, 1792-1855. 116 pages, 1981. Translated from the German and edited by Edmund H. Umberger and Theresa S. Umberger. Fully indexed. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  3. The Death Records of Centre County, 1852-1854 & 1893-1905 CD-ROM (PDF), 1997. Abstracted and edited by Anne Keller. These are the only official death records for Centre County prior to state recording that began in 1906. Originally published in book format, now on CD-ROM. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  4. A History of Funeral Directors and Undertakers of Centre County, Pennsylvania, 1813-1989. 58 pages, 1990. Emilie F. Westgard and Ellen Copper. Fully indexed to all names. $10.00 [$8.00 CCGS members]
  5. CCGS Newsletters, 1978-2007 CD-ROM (PDF), 2007. Ellen Copper, editor. Newsletters from 1978 through 2007, with the exception of surname files and member lists. Fully indexed and searchable. $15.00 [$12.00 CCGS members]
  6. Centre County, PA Marriage Index 1764-2005 CD-ROM (PDF), 2006. Justin K. Houser, editor. The names of bride and groom, the date of marriage, and a book and page reference are given for each entry. Also includes an introduction, Pennsylvania marriage license law and procedure, history of the area, a list of the clerks who recorded the licenses, and many other details. Fully indexed and searchable. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]
  7. Centre County, PA Birth Records 1893-1905 CD-ROM (PDF), book is 420 pages. 2009. Transcribed by Susan K. Ferrill. Includes information on over 11,000 births, including name of child, sex/race, father’s name, mother’s name, residence, father’s occupation, date of birth and birth place. Also includes a complete index to the names of the infants, citations referencing the original docket books, history of births and deaths records, and information on ordering official copies from the courthouse. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members], book $60.00 [members and non-members]. Book orders are printed on demand and may take several weeks for you to receive.
  8. The Warrant Map of Centre County, Pennsylvania Book with CD-ROM (PDF & TIF), 2011. Robert A. Wilkins and Dorothy L. Bordner, editors. The book contains the connected draft maps of land warrants for Centre County. These maps are connected survey maps of the original land tracts in Centre County which were purchased directly by their first owners from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These records do not identify subsequent owners, but only list the first purchaser of each property. The county has been divided into small segments corresponding to USGS map quadrants, one quadrant per pair of facing pages. Also included is a brief historical summary of each Centre County township and an index to every name appearing on the maps and within the history pages. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing images of the entire county in both PDF and TIF formats; the warrant register index for Centre County and maps showing the changing boundaries of the townships in Centre County. $30.00 [$24.00 CCGS members]
  9. Delayed Birth Records of Centre County, PA Data DVD (PDF). 2011. Contributions by Nancy Lee Stover, Judith Heald, Ellen and Lee Copper, and Kimberly Barton and staff. This data DVD contains PDF images of approximately 3600 birth records issued by the Orphans’ Court of Centre County from 1941 through 1996. These records are for individuals born in Centre County before Jan. 1, 1906 who did not previously have a birth certificate or whose previously issued birth certificate contained errors. Included on the disk with the images of the certificates is an index to the names of the applicants and of their parents. Please note that this is a data DVD which will play on a computer, not on a television. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]

    The Cemetery Series

    Each book in the cemetery series is fully indexed to every name appearing on the tombstones. The series is now complete and includes every known cemetery in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The entries within each book are arranged by cemetery and then within the cemetery in the order in which the graves are found in the rows. The grave order and the stone arrangement allows the researcher to infer relationships. There are also directions, brief histories, and maps, histories, and an index of all named individuals. Note that many older cemeteries are known by multiple names, not all of which are listed here.

  10. Centre County, PA: Index to the CCGS Cemetery Series CD-ROM (PDF). 2011. Judith W. Heald, compiler. An index to all the names found in the 18-book cemetery series with a key to indicate in which book of the series a name can be found. This index is meant to be used as an adjunct to the books. You will need the actual cemetery series book to retrieve any information on the tombstone. The CD is completely searchable. $16.00 [$10.00 CCGS members]
    The index is also available online and free to the public: Cemetery Series Index.
  11. The Cemeteries of Bellefonte Borough, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2010. 363 pages. Robert A. Wilkins, editor. Cemeteries included: Bellefonte Union, St. John’s Catholic, St. John’s Episcopal Columbarium, Sunnyside, Valentine Friends. $50.00 [$40.00 CCGS members]
  12. The Cemeteries of Benner and Spring Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1996. 128 pages. Ellen Copper and Edward Keller, editors. Cemeteries included: Pleasant Gap Lutheran, Valentine Friends, Sunnyside (a.k.a Forge), Rodef Shalom, Purdue Family, Meyer, State Correctional Institution at Rockview, and Benner Family. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  13. The Cemeteries of Boggs Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2007. 200 pages. Edward C. DeBrasky and Nancy L. Stover, editors. Cemeteries included: Advent, Eagle, Fairview, Milesburg, Old Curtin, Swampoodle, Trcziyulny, and other burial sites. $30.00 [$24.00 CCGS members]
  14. The Cemeteries of Burnside and Snow Shoe Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2007. 160 pages. Christine Gregg, editor. Cemeteries included: Advent, Moore Family, Askey, Church of Christ, Dormition Byzantine, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, and St. Michael’s Roman Catholic. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]
  15. The Cemeteries of College Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1989, revised 1995. 113 pages. R. Steven Houtz and Dorothy L. Bordner, editors. Cemeteries included: Shiloh, Houserville, Dale, and Slab Cabin cemeteries. Does not include Centre County Memorial Park. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  16. The Cemeteries of College Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, Vol. II. 2005. 329 pages. Robert A. Wilkins, editor. Cemeteries included: Centre County Memorial Park, Robert Moore grave, and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Columbarium, State College. $40.00 [$32.00 CCGS members]
  17. The Cemeteries of Curtin, Howard, and Liberty Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2002. 282 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner, editor. Curtin Township cemeteries included: Marsh Creek Brethren in Christ, Eden Reformed [a.k.a. Manntown], Romola Christian, Summit Hill, Swartz-Robb, and Watkins. Howard Township cemeteries included: Highland, Howard, Lauth’s [a.k.a. St. Bernard’s], Packer, Pletcher [a.k.a. Boon], Sand Hill, and Schencks [which includes graves removed from Neff, Rupert, and lower Sand Hill]. Liberty Township cemeteries included: Liberty Baptist, Bechdel, Church of Christ’s Disciples, Nestlerode, and Wagner. $35.00 [$28.00 CCGS members]
  18. The Cemeteries of Ferguson Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1998. 224 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner, editor. Cemeteries included: Gatesburg Lutheran, Goheen, Harpster Farm, Meek [a.k.a. Fairbrook], Pine Grove Mills New & Old, Pine Hall, Pennsylvania Furnace (the last is in Huntingdon County), Rock Springs, Ross, Tadpole, Washington M.E. $30.00 [$24.00 CCGS members]
  19. The Cemeteries of Gregg Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1998. 153 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner, editor. Cemeteries included: Evangelical Mennonite, St. John’s Union at Farmer’s Mills, Holy Cross, Allison Family, Spring Mills, Green Grove, Heckman, Mountain, Yearick, Old German, Amish, and Salem Reformed cemeteries. Salem Reformed is on the line between Penn and Gregg townships, and also appears in the 2nd edition of the Penn Township book. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]
  20. The Cemeteries of Haines Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2007. 145 pages. Susan I. Rossman, editor. Cemeteries included: Aaronsburg Lutheran, Aaronsburg Reformed, Amish, German Baptist, High Valley (a.k.a Alters), Ingleby, Neidig, Patchwork Farm, St. Paul’s Union, Stover and Woodward. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]
  21. The Cemeteries of Halfmoon and Patton Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2003. 101 pages. Judith W. Heald, editor. Halfmoon Township cemeteries included: Amish, Centre Line Lutheran (a.k.a. St. Matthews Lutheran ), Friends, Tow Hill, and Gray’s. Patton Township cemeteries included are: Gray Family and Marysville. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  22. The Cemeteries of Harris Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1998. 118 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner and Edward Keller, editors. Cemeteries included are: Boalsburg, Old Standford, Rock Hill, and Boal Family. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  23. The Cemeteries of Huston, Taylor, Union, and Worth Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2008. 313 pages. Christine Gregg, editor. Huston Township cemeteries included: Huston: Campbell, Flick, Henderson, Julian, Julian Woods Community, Parsons Farm, and Williams. Taylor Township cemeteries included: Mount Pleasant. Union Township cemeteries included: Advent, Bush Hollow, Edmiston, Friends, New Union, Oak Ridge, and Union. Worth Township cemeteries included: Black Oak, Brown, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Woodring-Reese. $40.00 [$32.00 CCGS members]
  24. The Cemeteries of Marion and Walker Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1999. 189 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner, editor. Marion Township cemeteries included: Amish, Frain, Jacksonville, and Lick Run Presbyterian. Walker Township cemeteries included: Dunkle, Hublersburg, Snydertown, and Zion Union. $25.00 [$20.00 CCGS members]
  25. The Cemeteries of Miles Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 130 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner and Judith W. Heald, editors. Cemeteries included: United Church of Christ and Lutheran, United Methodist, Lutheran and Reformed, Elk Creek Amish, Evangelical, St. Peters Lutheran and Reformed, Old Wolf’s Store, Brungart, and Livonia. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  26. The Cemeteries of Penn Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 1988, revised 1997. 121 pages. R. Steven Houtz and Dorothy L. Bordner, editors. Cemeteries included: Fairview, Paradise, Union, Salem Reformed, and Reichard. $20.00 [$16.00 CCGS members]
  27. The Cemeteries of Potter Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2003. 200 pages. Dorothy L. Bordner, editor. Cemeteries included: Reformed and Lutheran (aka Centre Hall), Centre Hill (a.k.a. Sinking Creek Church), Dauberman Egg Hill, Emmanuel Union Church (Earley Church, Loop Church, Churchville Church, Tusseyville Church), Fruittown (Brethren in Christ), Huston, Indian Lane, Pennington, Forgotten near Potters Mills, Sprucetown, Zion Hill (Bethany United Methodist), and miscellaneous single graves. Also included: Pew Rental Records for the Presbyterian Church at Sinking Creek 1811-1825. $30.00 [$24.00 CCGS members]
  28. The Cemeteries of Rush Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. 2010. 443 pages. Elizabeth A. Dutton, editor. Cemeteries included: Beaver Mills, Butler, Elliott Family, sons of Israel, Union (Old Mud Church), Philipsburg Borough, and Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic. $50.00 [$40.00 CCGS members]

Other genealogical publications are available from the
Friends of the Centre County Library and the Centre County Historical Society